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Whether you are considering a large or small scale design/construction project, my ultimate goal is to provide a transparent and valuable service to you. Upon completing my education at The University of Texas School of Architecture in Austin, Texas, I moved to Los Angeles to continue my career. While a majority of my work experience over the last 10+ years in Texas & California has consisted of high-end residential projects alongside one of the most talented architects in the industry, I have also worked on minor & mid-level remodels, restaurants & bars, pools, landscaping, etc. My motto is: no matter what your challenge may be, I am here to help you find the solution in an efficient & affordable manner. Perhaps you're a busy professional lacking the free time to manage your home remodel, or you have the time & interest but simply don't know where to begin, I'm here to help! There are many choices available when considering a design professional, but I am confident that my experience & skills will be of great benefit to you. Most people assume their budget won't allow for a designer nor a project manager to help run their project, but I'm here to help redefine that notion. Not only will my services fit within the budget, but one of my objectives is to reduce the budget entirely. All projects, particularly residential, are so personal to the client. I take great pride in reducing the stress that construction often causes by making the process more enjoyable.

I offer a wide variety of services, including, but not limited to: as-built floor plans, design consultation (floor plans & 3d modeling), building permits, independent project management, interior design & staging.

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